COVID-19 Statement: Lazy Park has a trained COVID-19 Compliance Officer on staff. We adhere to CDC and local and state safety guidelines to protect ourselves and YOU!
COVID-19 Statement: Lazy Park has a trained COVID-19 Compliance Officer on staff. We adhere to CDC and local and state safety guidelines to protect ourselves and YOU!


Clients Praise Our Added Value!

One of the things I like about working with Shawn is her project management skill set. As a producer she gets out ahead of the planning process and adapts well to opportunities. Shawn always creates a healthy paper trail for her projects, including things like talent releases and scheduling documents. Most of my work with Shawn has been in a reality/documentary style environment. She is a happy, friendly person who works well with the public while keeping things moving along for the crew. On our most recent shoot she wrangled a group of about 40 cast and crew through 4 scenes (walking a college campus) over the course of a morning, and then added a location move for pickup interviews at the end of the day. It all went smoothly with time for a comfortable late lunch. I can’t speak directly to her COVID-19 Compliance Officer skills, but I would expect that your cast and crew will be in good hands and should feel secure in knowing that they can work in safety and comfort.

Stefan B.

Hi, I’m Karen, and I want to tell you just a little bit about Shawn and her company Lazy Park Entertainment. She did my demo reel for my acting career, and I’m really happy with it. Shawn is professional, she’s easy to work with, she has a sense of humor about things, and she does a wonderful job, so I’m very happy, and you will be too.

Karen E.

I have known and worked with Shawn for several years, and I highly recommend her as a Production Manager. Shawn is an excellent manager, organizer, and handles both teams of people and tracking with detail and is very thorough. She is also an excellent local resource, problem solver, and trouble shooter for issues on set. She is trained and willing to hold to the line and obligations and requirements needed as a COVID-19 Compliance Officer as well.

Molly V.

Shawn has been a delight to work with. As a PM who works remote, she is an asset to have on set. Shawn is self/team reliant when on set; everything that has to get done gets done, and I only hear from her with general updates or actual problems. She is thorough, reliable, incredibly organized, and goes above and beyond to make sure the shoot is successful. As far as production coordinators go, she is fantastic!

Maura T.


We Feature Filmmakers!

I had such a great time attending this festival! Everyone was really lovely and welcoming. Communication was very clear from day one of submission! They’re serious about encouraging new filmmakers to keep working, the grand jury prize allowed me to update my gear and subsequently the quality of my videos. I will always be thankful to those who are involved in this festival (especially to Shawn). I did not know one single person from inside the organization so I can attest that these are very honest and professional people. Go submit your film!

Gabriela A.

I didn’t attend the fest but enjoyed very easy communication regarding my film and was pleased to have won “Best Comedy” for my short film. They also did a nice job promoting the filmmakers leading up to the fest itself. I’d be very happy to submit more in the future.

Gregg J.

Excellent communications, to include a social media showcase of the selected films. We were very proud and honored to have our short selected by Zeal Reel’s festival!

Nate C.

I thought the Zeal Reel festival was a great opportunity for me as a micro filmmaker. They really understand what it means to make an effective one-minute film. I found them enthusiastic by email, and they had an active social media presence when it came to marketing their event. I wasn’t able to attend, but I am wholly satisfied and look to this as a festival to which I will submit again! Can’t wait to hear the award winners!

Jeff V.Z.

This was the first year for the Zeal Reel contest so the organizers deserve praise for being able to carry it off smoothly. There were some problems with communication, but that was more than made up for by the lovely reception and screening. It was terrific for me and the star of my film to see it on a large screen with an audience. The networking opportunity was also very good. There were filmmakers from as far away as New York City and the audience/judges were a very diverse and talented group of people. It was a pleasure to talk with fellow producers of micro short films. I hope to produce something for next year.

Greg F.