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Zeal Reel Micro Short Film Competition™

Thank you for a successful inaugural season.

2020 dates to be announced soon.

See below for list of 2019 winners.

Announcing our Winners

Grand Jury Prize Winner

Texas Filmmaker Audience Award Winner

Genre & Cast/Crew Awards

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Are you ready for a challenge?

Welcome to our inaugural Zeal Reel Micro Short Film Competition™! We believe in celebrating your creative imagination for short form content and challenge you to make the ultimate short film in 60 seconds or less. Will you accept this challenge?

Was that an, “OMG! I’m in!”, we just heard?

Can you tell a compelling narrative or documentary story in 60 seconds?


Then YOU are the filmmaker we’re looking for!

So much can happen in one minute. We want you to put on a masterclass with your visually stunning, well-written, character-based micro short.

We’re looking for a glimpse of cinema magic that leaves its audience wanting to know more about your character’s story. Show us your character’s universal story borne from personal truth.

A micro short film is not a commercial or a promotional video. We want to see your zeal – passion, energy, and intensity of filmmaking – come to life through innovative storytelling.

Maybe it’s our ADHD or our real-life focus pull, but around here, WE LOVE SHORT FILMS! We also love testing the limits of creativity. We are an online film competition dedicated to giving scrappy, self-taught filmmakers an opportunity to show the world’s universal humanity and what is possible through the creative lens. This competition is just the beginning for your micro short. We encourage you to explore your character and develop your film further. As a winner, we hope our prize allows you to do just that.

Submission Guidelines

Watch these cautionary clips on what not to do.

  • Submissions must be sixty (60) seconds in length or shorter, including credits.
  • Submissions must be a scripted motion picture, this includes documentary films, that could be developed into a longer length short film or feature film.
  • Submission genres can be found on FilmFreeway.
  • Submissions per entrant is unlimited. Each entry is a separate fee.
  • Submissions co-owned/co-created only need one person to serve as the entrant be it producer, writer, or director.
  • Submissions must be in high definition.
  • Submission can only be entered for one (1) category.
  • Submitted material must not contain obscene, unlawful, or objectionable content.

See full Terms and Conditions here.

The Competition begins on July 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM Central Standard Time (CST)

Notification Date

About Us

Lazy Park Entertainment, LLC is a film and video production services company located in Houston, TX. We began with a passion to tell stories and promote visual art throughout the Houston community. A community that thrives with the spirit of independent filmmaking, comradery, and quality craftsmanship.

We are creating Hollywood in Houston! 

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The Results

Check back after the competition. The Competition results will be announced on our website within 30 days following the closing date of the competition. Winners will also be made public and permanently posted to the Competition website. This will be in accordance with our privacy policy.

Filmmakers and friends, join us on November 14, 2019 at Ronin Art House 806 Richey St. Suite C, Houston, TX 77002 for our awards event. The Texas Filmmaker Audience Award winner will be voted on by live ballot and all award winners will be recognized during the event.

See Official Rules here.

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