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Our Film and Video Production Services

Film Production

Unit Production Manager (UPM) / Line Producer

Our full-service UPM/Production Coordinator offerings take your production from script to screen and on to post-production. We use industry standard software to create realistic production plans and budgets. We generate everything from script breakdowns to those dreaded reports you just don’t have the time to produce, because you’re making art.

Production Coordinator (PC)

We are as equipped to serve as your Production Coordinator as we are to serve as your UPM. If you already have your right hand, we can be your complimentary left hand.

Producer – Shorts, Features, Documentary

We are busy producing in-house projects. Follow our social media feeds for the latest news.

Video Production

Video Parodies (Music & Drama)

Our drama and music parody videos bring excitement and laughter to everyone participating and even some crew members. We started this in the corporate space, but it was just too much fun to keep contained. Gather a small group of your friends or colleagues and we’ll do the rest. We write, shoot, and edit the videos parodying a Top 40 song or a favorite movie or TV character. Clients share them at corporate events, of course, at birthday parties, family reunions, and during a good girls’ night out. We also let kids get in on the fun!

College Creative Samples

Your high school senior is applying to colleges and universities for drama, music, art, and anything else requiring artistic ability. Many programs require a video submission attached to the perfect application. Contact us to plan, script, shoot, and edit a video where your student is the star of the show.

Talent Reels

Actors, do you need a demo reel? An audition reel? Is your reel out-of-date and in need of fresh content? Contact LPE and we’ll package your versatile talents into a video resume your agent or manager will push push push!

Promotional Videos for Web (Small & Mid-size Businesses)

We offer all phases of production for your business promotional video. In pre-production we help you develop the concept you want to tell, script it, cast it, find locations. During production, we direct the shoot consisting of interviews and B-roll. We wrap with post-production editing, text and graphics, and sound design.

Real Estate Video Tours

Real estate video tours are a great way to engage buyers and sell your property. They are also a fantastic marketing tool for your vacation rental property

Film Competition

We have created a micro short film competition to celebrate your creative imagination for short form content and challenge you to make the ultimate short film in sixty (60) seconds or less. Visit our Competition page for more details. The Submission period for 2020 will be announced soon.

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