COVID-19 Statement: Lazy Park has a trained COVID-19 Compliance Officer on staff. We adhere to CDC and local and state safety guidelines to protect ourselves and YOU!
COVID-19 Statement: Lazy Park has a trained COVID-19 Compliance Officer on staff. We adhere to CDC and local and state safety guidelines to protect ourselves and YOU!

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Zeal Reel Micro Short Film Competition™

a Concisely Creative Competition™


Was it just yesterday when we crowned UK-based “Meat Market” as our Season 2 Grand Prize winner?

Well sound the one-minute alarm, Season 3 just clocked in. It’s time to dust off your submit fingers and get-in-to-win. Join us on FilmFreeway.

Zeal Reel Micro Short Film Competition™ (ZRMSFC), one of a few Competitions to give a cash prize to support filmmakers in their art, is designed to test filmmakers’ creativity and champion those who thrive in this short art form. We emphasize one-minute films are an exercise in concise, comprehensive storytelling. However, to be brief is just part of a one-minute film. To captivate an audience with a one-minute film worth watching, is the other.

Your 60 second film can introduce you to the world. We want you to show us your Zeal for storytelling and submit your visually stunning, well-written, character-based, closed-ended micro short TODAY! If you are a filmmaker based in the State of Texas, USA, we offer additional consideration for your entry.

Visit our Competition Page for more details and official rules.

With An Abundance Of Zeal, We Make Moving Images, Manage Productions, And Feature Filmmakers!


With an abundance of zeal, we make moving images, manage productions, and feature filmmakers! We are Lazy Park Entertainment [LPE].

Filmmaking has always been the core of who we are and what we do. LPE makes moving images in the form of narrative and documentary films offering thought-provoking, entertaining art with a sprinkle of activism and social examination. We also make promotional videos in the B2B and nonprofit spaces.

Behind the scenes, we manage productions through stellar preparation while remaining flexible in performing our services for film and TV productions. With a bolt of energy, we deliver on essential tools needed for success on any production that is conscious of time and budget.

Filmmakers applaud our Zeal Reel Micro Short Film Competition™ where we feature concisely creative, scrappy, and not-so-lazy filmmakers. LPE gives filmmakers an opportunity to win cash prizes to elevate their stories and spread their talents even further. We all have a story, and our value is in helping you tell yours!

Some may ask why put “Lazy” in our name because we are light years away from being lazy. When we carefully considered our exhaustive list of names, Lazy Park captured us for this reason. In our hectic, over-worked, vacation-deprived professional and social lives, we often feel unproductive or guilty for taking a few hours to enjoy the one life for which we’re doing all of
this hard work. So, at LPE, we want you to release the guilt, relax and embrace a lazy day for once.

We hope you will allow us to fill your “lazy day” with entertaining and universal stories of humanity birth from personal truths.


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