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Our Story

Lazy Park Entertainment, LLC is a film and video production company located in Houston, TX. We provide both products and services within the moving image industry, serving clients locally and nationally. We officially formed Lazy Park Entertainment, or LPE, in January 2018, but our history begins in the winter of 2012.

We began with the unconventional corporate video for holiday events and loved being in the space of creating something new and unexpected for a deeply rooted industry culture. From here we expanded into other B2B and individual video productions. For our video production services, we operate under the motto “Our video services promote brand YOU!”

Filmmaking has always been the core of who we are and what we do. From days on set as Production Assistants, we’ve graduated to producing, writing, and directing films. Producing both narrative and documentary films, we exist to offer thought-provoking, entertaining art with a sprinkle of activism and social examination. When it comes to filmmaking, we believe everyone has a personal story that connects universally.

Some may ask why put “Lazy” in our name because we are light years away from being lazy. When we carefully considered our exhaustive list of names, Lazy Park captured us for this reason. In our hectic, over-worked, vacation-deprived professional and social lives, we often feel unproductive or guilty for taking a few hours to enjoy the one life for which we’re doing all of this hard work. So, at LPE, we want you to release the guilt, relax and embrace a lazy day for once.

We hope you will allow us to fill your “lazy day” with entertaining and universal stories of humanity birth from personal truths.


Film Production

  • Production Manager (PM / LP)
  • Production Coordinator (PC)
  • Producer – Narrative & Documentary | Shorts & Features
  • Drone Cinematography
  • Script Breakdown & Scheduling

Video Production

  • Promotional Videos & PSAs
  • Broker | Realtor Promotional Videos
  • Explainer Videos | Animated

Film Competition

Zeal Reel Micro Short Film


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K. Estep

Professional Actor

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